who is challenging us?

I came across this website a few days ago and was amazed. Take a moment to check it out. Particularly take a look at the “Declare Peace” section and all the things listed there as points of action.

I think it is really interesting that an organization such as this one, supported by very few ‘Christian’ organizations from what I can gather, seems to be doing a better job of encouraging radical, sacrificial care on a personal level for the “fatherless and the widow” than the Church as a whole is (at least the Church in America). I have no idea what sort of response they’ve seen, and I know that we in America have countless amazing relief organizations and Christ-following mission organizations, and I love what they do and I participate whenever possible. I’m thinking more along the lines of individual, personal willingness to rise to a challenge and take a risk.

I get the feeling that followers of Christ nowadays want to be asked to go to the next level, to take a leap of faith, to go the extra mile, to have something expected of us. We want to count the cost and go for it. We want to give something priceless to others that comes from the depth of our souls. None of this surfacey crap. I want someone to challenge me, to motivate me, to push me to a deeper trust in my Jesus– even if it’s terrifying and uncomfortable. ESPECIALLY if it’s terrifying and uncomfortable. And I want them to take the plunge alongside me. I’m getting the feeling that we want to see our God be huge for us. We want to see Him for who He is and not just who we’ve been told He is. We don’t want to be satisfied– we want a “divine discontent” so that we can be ever searching the depths of our mysterious yet intimately-knowable God.

Who is challenging us?

Are you being challenged? If so, what does it look like?ultrasone probest convertible car seat sunshadeсоздание имиджа


2 thoughts on “who is challenging us?

  1. Wow Ashley! Good stuff and very challenging. Interesting site as well. I find myself being challenged by some of the folks I serve as pastor. They are ever striving to love and serve Jesus with excellence and passion, no-holds-barred. They continually challenge me to keep striving, keep serving, keep resting in Him. As their spiritual leader, I cannot lead them to places with Christ I have not been. Thanks for the reminder of this today!


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