broken by love

Just some thoughts I’ve had rolling around in my head lately… may have to expand on them further at a later time.

I’m not so sure that being “broken over my sin” is the most important thing in the world to be broken over.

Now, don’t hear me say that repentance and godly sorrow are not important. They absolutely are. Christ asks us to “repent and believe”– this was the crux of His message (Mark 1:15). Recognizing our inability to make ourselves acceptable is, among many other things, part of what makes grace so irresistible.

BUT… as followers of Christ– those who have repented (turned around from going the wrong direction) and decided to believe God (that He is who He says He is, can do what He says He can do, that we are who He says we are)– can perhaps the focus be shifted from being broken over our sin to instead being broken by love?

And maybe it’s really just another way to say exactly the same thing as being broken over our sin. But to me, being broken by love makes the focus GOD and not me and my actions. It turns my heart and mind to recounting the incredible things God has done in the past, in my life and in others’ lives. It makes me see  Jesus on the cross, reminds me He is so crazy about me that He wasn’t going to let anything stand between us. Reminds me there’s a big world out there with a lot of people in it who haven’t ever even heard a person say the words “I love you” to them, let alone realized the Creator of the Universe is telling them He loves them.

Maybe it sounds more appealing to me because it requires more faith. More trust. Simply being broken over my sin makes me sit around depressed and wallowing in what an awful worm I am. But, godly sorrow– allowing myself to be broken by love– leads me to repentance, forgiveness, and a huge sigh of relief. It humbles me. In light of God’s love, it’s hard not to see Him for who He is– and who He is, is more than I will ever comprehend. I choose to believe God when He says that in Christ, I’m the apple of His eye, His beloved, the Bride of Christ, and His child. This is a much greater motivation to obey Him; much greater than simply avoiding feeling guilty or beating myself up when I make a mistake.binary options free bonusApple Airportкупить шипы на колеса


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