fun friday: stuff i like edition

Here are a few things I’ve liked this week.

1. Nail polish pens.

So far I’ve tried Sally Hansen’s Fast Dry Nail Color Pen in several colors and LOVE them. I’ve also tried one color of Nic’s Sticks by Opi. I’m not sure which one I like more… they are both a bit hard to find, at least here in Nashville. I’ve found the Nail Color Pens at Walgreens, but they’re a bit pricey by my standards. I’ve seen the Nic’s Sticks at Target, but they are always out of stock. At any rate, THESE THINGS ROCK. I love painting my nails fun colors (alternating red and green for Christmas is my favorite!) and the nail pens make it so much easier.

2. Quaker Oatmeal Squares.

If you have hereditary high cholesterol like I do, you probably eat a lot of oatmeal. Or maybe you don’t. My doctor told me to. Anyway, Quaker Oatmeal Squares are delicious and a more transportable, less mushy option for me. I’ve only ever tried the brown sugar variety, but they have two others: cinnamon and golden maple. I’ll have to try those and let you know what I think.

3. Google Documents.

I have a Mac at work and a PC at home, so Google Documents pretty much saves my life when I’m working on stuff I need to access in both places. I can work on something during my lunch break and pick right back up later at home. I mainly use the “document” option, but there are options to make presentations, spreadsheets, and forms as well. It’s similar to Microsoft Office stuff but really scaled down to just the basics. One really cool option is the sharing function. You can “share” the document by giving others permission to view it, or you can share it with the world. You can also save things as HTML,pdf, rtf, Microsoft Word, or other document file types.Miami Dania Beachvillas miami south beachiPod nano


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