fun fridays: embarrassing story edition

I have so many to choose from, but this is the one that I recently remembered and was laughing about.

Right after I graduated from college, I still lived in my college town. A group of us from one of the campus ministries were doing an original stage play– a couple of us wrote it, several of us acted in it, and so on. I had the lead female role. And the guy I had a crush on at the time had the lead male role.

There was this one scene where my character interacts with the Satan character. In between rehearsing scenes, the girl standing in as Satan and I were play fighting while about 10 other people were watching. I was in karate at the time so I was doing all my moves. Lots of high kicks and spins. I was totally gonna beat Satan up! Suddenly everyone’s eyes get HUGE and they start laughing hysterically. I’m like, what? Well, I look down, and one side of my jeans had torn completely down the inside seam and across the top pocket, exposing my leg and *ahem* undergarments for all to see.

Well, the lead guy had been playing along by “praying” for me to win in my battle against Satan, so he’d had his eyes closed the whole time and didn’t see anything! Too bad everyone else was watching the action instead of praying!!!коммерческое предложение по smmhardwoodпродвижением сайта


2 thoughts on “fun fridays: embarrassing story edition

  1. Yeah I remember those days! It was crazy (who was the male lead)? I guess I didn’t know you had a crush on anyone back then, but I remember the play and all those crazy times ( I still have your sketchers keychain you gave me the last day in Portales). Sometimes I look back at those years and wonder if it was all a crazy dream but it was fun. Life was so simple then,
    but I am doing fine now. Just thought I’d let you know. Email me if you want.


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