I really love listening to people’s stories. It’s so fun to see God’s hand in all the little twists and turns. It seems like it’s the small things that, in hindsight, were the “peripeteia” of people’s lives. Giving bunny ears to someone. A tweet asking where to eat for dinner. A phone call, an email… things that were part of an ordinary day–maybe even part of an ordinary, lousy day. And yet these were the very things that God used to guide him or her along His path.

I wonder if perhaps this is the very reason for our going through difficult times… so that later we will be amazed and in awe of the one small thing that turned everything around. So that we would see later that it was entirely God’s doing and nothing that we orchestrated ourselves; we may have cooperated along the way but ultimately it wasn’t anything we could have cooked up on our own. At least not without totally ruining the whole thing.

One moment can change everything.шлифовкакак готовить пудинг в домашних условияхlacie


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