the Inseparable Journey begins

I hope you were able to join us for the live kickoff webcast! It is available for viewing here: Among other things, I walked you through how to use Inseparable, the way each chapter flows, and explained the “fluid study elements” that are featured throughout the book. Reading, studying, and living out Scripture is something we all can do. Our lives will change as we allow the Holy Spirit to bring the Word to life within us.

Over the next several weeks I’m praying God shows up in each of our lives in noticeable ways. Those ways may or may not be what we’d consider miraculous, but truly, anytime God interacts with us it is a big deal, right? And God is always, always seeking to interact with us. So I’m praying that throughout the coming months we will make a habit of listening for His voice in everyday moments of life, and that we will notice Him when we see Him.

This week’s assignment is to read the entire book of Romans. Yes, you read that correctly! The whole book. If you’ve never read a whole chapter of the Bible yet alone an entire book, you might be feeling intimidated, and that’s ok. I am intimidated pretty much every time I commit to any sort of Bible reading endeavor. That’s why I provided a plan in Inseparable to get you through the whole book of Romans in 7 days. Check out Appendix 3 (page 202) in the book for 7 manageable sections of Scripture.  

I’d also like to ask you if there’s anyone you’d like to invite to join you in this journey. Just one person. If there are more, that’s fine, but really ask God to show you if there is just one person with whom He’d like you to share this road. Maybe it’s your spouse or your best friend, or maybe it is your neighbor or your classmate. Maybe it’s somebody who would never set foot inside a church or Bible study. Pray about it, and talk with this person tomorrow if you can. See if he or she would be willing to join you as you pray, study, and discuss Scripture. If this person can’t afford a copy of Inseparable, please let me know and we will find a way to get one to him or her.

After you read Romans this week, check back here to see how others are responding to God’s Word.

Here’s this week’s discussion question:

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?клей для укладки паркетной доскиюзабилити аудит сайтакак готовить жульен в духовке


9 thoughts on “the Inseparable Journey begins

  1. My favorite verse is Isaiah 40:31 because when I trust in God, I will never grow weary. I read this verse when I feel really down or am having a “pity pot” that day.


  2. My favorite vs. Is Romans 8 : 28. ..
    I love this be cause when you are going through adversities and things look their worst sometimes, that if we love GOD…ALL THIS WORKER TOGETHER for good, for those who love God and are called according to His purpose! It has been a comfort to me during times in my life!


  3. Right now Isaiah 43:18-19 is my “2015 Prayer”–2014 was an amazing year of miracles, but it also was a stressful year. I love Jeremiah 29:11-13 as well–so many times we stop at 11, but when we read God’s promises in verses 12-13, it just makes it even more special!!


  4. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28. God works all things out for the good of those that love Him and are called to serve according to His purpose.
    It’s my favorite because it helps me remember that He is in charge and will take care of me. No matter what tragedy might occur, I know He will turn it for my good.


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