Inseparable Journey: Romans

To all my fellow Inseparable Journeyers, I hope you had an incredible time interacting with God through the book of Romans this past week! I’m looking forward to hearing how God spoke to you through His Word. Did you talk to your “one person” about joining you in your Inseparable journey? How did it go?

How did you like getting Context by reading a whole book? How did you see Romans fitting into the Big Picture of the Bible as a whole? Did you find opportunity to use other Fluid Study Elements while you were reading? If you didn’t make it all the way through Romans this week, try finding some moments this week to pick up where you left off.

I’ve been trying all week to come up with something profound to say about Romans, and quite frankly everything comes up short when you can just read Romans!

This week’s assignment is to read Chapter 1: In Christ. You’ll have an opportunity in the book to read all of Romans 8 again. I love Romans 8 so much that I’ve been working to dedicate it to memory. It’s gonna take a while but I know it’ll be worth it!

Here’s this week’s discussion question:

Which concept from Romans stood out to you the most, and which verses?

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6 thoughts on “Inseparable Journey: Romans

  1. Romans is such an amazing book with many themes including the free gift of grace, hope, faith, and mercy. I was going to list all of the scriptures that have really impacted my life, but there are just TOO MANY!! Some challenge me, others are encouraging. It is hard to pick just one – but for today I will share one of encouragement: Rom 15:13 “I pray that God, the source of all hope, will infuse your lives with an abundance of joy and peace in the midst of your faith so that your hope will overflow through the power of the Holy Spirit.”


    1. Today the verse that literally struck me between the eyes was the second half of Romans 11:20 ~ “So don’t think too highly of yourselves; instead, STAND IN AWE OF GOD’S MERCY.”


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