Inseparable Journey: Corpse Alive

“We need to leave the things that wrapped us when we were dead where they belong–in the grave. We are in Christ now, and instead of grave clothes, we are tangled up in His grace, mercy, and redemption. We are alive.”

Inseparable, p. 45


I can’t believe we’re already a third of the way through our time together! Here we are at week 5. Crazy.

This week, we read Chapter 3: Corpse Alive. A few years ago, my pastor shared this quote (I believe from Louie Giglio): “Sin doesn’t make us bad, it makes us dead.” Whoa. It sounds so harsh, doesn’t it? But so freeing at the same time. When we have this perspective, it eliminates any possibility of earning our way into God’s grace, because dead people can’t work. When we have this perspective, it brings the seriousness of our situation into focus, because dead people can’t have a relationship with God. When we have this perspective, it sends us to our knees in reverence and awe at the fact that God did everything we could not, because dead people can’t bring themselves to life.

Read John 3:1-8. Then take a moment to reflect on this short selection from Chapter 3:

The Greek word for “spirit” is the same for “breath.” When we boil it down, what makes us “in Christ” is the fact that we have HIS SPIRIT within us. The Holy Spirit brings us to life. This is a pretty different view of salvation from what I used to have. In the past, if you had asked me to explain how a person “gets saved,” my explanation wouldn’t have been much beyond needing to say a written prayer or repeat a few scripted phrases. But now I know that becoming alive, becoming “in Christ,” is all about the heart—the complete person, including both mind and emo­tions—and nothing to do with ritual. It doesn’t mean that all salvation experiences need to be super dramatic. Most aren’t. But becoming a follower of Jesus, becoming a disciple or learner of Him, is definitely some­thing supernatural. We can’t breathe life into the fallen souls within us. Only God can do that.

It is my prayer that you have encountered the Living God… that your eyes have been opened to Reality… that you’ve experienced His grace and mercy… that you’ve been brought to life in Christ.

In this chapter, I also share a little bit of my struggle with depression. Depression and anxiety are some issues that seem to be taboo in so many Christian circles, but I hope that in light of our study together we can talk openly about it and help bear each other’s load. I hope also that we can allow God to shine the light of His grace into those dark places of our lives, and that He can remind us moment by moment that we are alive in Him for a reason.


This week’s assignment is to read Chapter 4: Failure Commissioned. We’ll explore God’s will, talk about what true success is, and investigate the calling we each have to be disciple-makers. I can’t wait to dive into this topic with you.

This week’s discussion question: 
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2 thoughts on “Inseparable Journey: Corpse Alive

  1. There was a situation in my life several years ago when I asked God, why did you let this happen since I am following you. During this time I realized that Following God was not what he wanted. At this point, I understood what being alive in Him meant. Today, I look for direction on how to live for Him.


    1. Sorry I just now saw this comment!! It can be so hard when life throws us things that we didn’t see coming and that are painful… I’ve been there. I’ve questioned God many a time. I’m so grateful that He gives us His strength to keep going in those moments.


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