Inseparable Journey: Worshiper Fulfilled

“God is passionate about having all of your worship and devotion. Good gifts can become threats when we allow our affections for them to outgrow our desire for God Himself.”

Inseparable, p. 146

My husband and I, along with our 2.5-year-old son, have been through A LOT the past year. Almost a year ago we bought the home we figured we’d be in for the next 10-15 years, only to find ourselves unemployed two months later. A few months after that we moved two hours away to the Seattle area for the job God awesomely provided for my husband, making Seattle the third city we’d called home in about a year’s time. And we still haven’t sold our home, so we’re paying for it AND rent. And there’s a ton of other stuff we’ve been through that isn’t appropriate for a blog post. OY VEH, right?

In these extremely challenging times, I’ve noticed that I have a choice. I can trust God or not. I can seek to know and love Him more, or I can be bitter unless He provides what I am asking for. I can focus on His character, or I can obsess over His timing. I can worship Him, or I can serve a lesser god by being preoccupied with what I want. It’s totally ok for me to want to sell our house, to want to be out of debt, to want to have some peace and calm in our lives for a while. But I hope my trust and love for God can stay strong in the face of those wants.

Check out Psalm 16:11 and then read this paragraph from this week’s Inseparable chapter:

Our definition of happiness and the things that we find attractive change over time as we find more of our fulfillment and security in Jesus. Just as our taste buds change as time goes by, the “taste buds” of our hearts change as we grow into who we are meant to be. When we’ve allowed our identity in Christ to inform our everyday decisions, we will eventually find that certain things may no longer excite us. Lesser pleasures aren’t as enticing as they once were. We won’t default to the same old habits as often as we once did. While this side of eternity we will always have to fight against sin, hopefully we will have moments when we will be able to look back on the past and see that growth has occurred. We will be able to see that what now brings us joy also brings God joy. We will begin to dream God’s dreams rather than coming up with our own plans and asking Him to bless them. And the cool thing is that all this change in us tends to happen slowly and often goes unnoticed without much fan­fare. It’s one of those times we realize in hindsight. I think that’s how we can tell it is authentic—when we’ve occupied ourselves with loving Jesus so much that we don’t even notice that we’ve begun to love the lesser things . . . well, less.

Lord, please help me to remember that no matter what it is that I need right now, You are better. You are more fulfilling. Help me to see You for who You really are, and to be so intimately acquainted with You that my default response to my deepest need is to look to You. Help me to seek You and Your kingdom, knowing that You will provide everything else along the way.

AshleyLinne_GiftsThis week’s assignment is to read Chapter 10: Victim Avenged. We will be taking a look at what it means to leave vengeance to God and forgive instead. *CONTENT ALERT: this chapter deals with sensitive topics, including sexual abuse.

This week’s discussion questions:
What is God asking you to trust Him with? How is He drawing you to keep your eyes on Him in the face of your deep need?


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