the song lyric “whether or not your lips move/you speak to me” is taken from a song by over the rhine, drunkard’s prayer on the album by the same name.  to me this song is about Jesus Christ being my source of nourishment, life, healing, enjoyment, and peace.  this particular lyric is meaningful to me because sometimes it can feel like God is silent.  however, i know that He is always communicating with me in some way or another.  this is why i long to inscribe His Words on my heart– so that in those split seconds of decision, suffering, joy, or challenge, i am assured of His presence and love guiding me.“binary options scamsгде разместить бесплатно объявлениевсеволод кожемяко спонсор


2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. These words are real. I am inspired by them and not in some weird way. You have been spoken through to encourage me to change a line in one of my recent poems. I do not care to portray vulgarity in my art although sometimes I feel that way.

    Make sense?




  2. Hi linne,

    I am a 27 year old guy from South Africa. I have read a a couple of your articles and have found them helpful. I have the great privilege to live out my passion and calling full-time, and I’m the connection cultivator at our congregation. I lead teams that help people connect – with others (through small groups, affinity groups etc) and in serving with others in ministry.

    I am keen on learning and growing, and thought that it could be mutually beneficial for us to connect.

    Would love to hear from you!


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