Generation Bridger and Discipleship Catalyst I have a passion for organic, Spirit-led mentoring/discipleship and desire to be a bridge between the younger and older generations in this area.
Learn-Teach-Empower I love the Word of God and long to ignite a passion for living it out in the hearts of people of all ages. I enjoy helping others find their God-given passions and equipping them to use them.
Healthy Relationships As an abuse survivor, I am passionate about helping others find freedom and restoration in Christ, and am currently researching preventive education in the area of sexual abuse. My husband and I long to use our story to encourage youth and young adults to seek healthy relationships and to lead lives transformed by Christ.

Interests and hobbies:

  • listening to people’s stories
  • mentoring
  • ministry to women and girls
  • singing and musical theatre
  • studying and experiencing other cultures
  • makeup
  • emotionally-stirring movies, music, and art
  • the Jewish background of Christianity
  • healthy relationships
  • spreading awareness of the persecuted church
  • abolishing slavery, especially the sex trade
  • adoption and infertility
  • living in missional community
  • worship styles
  • spiritual parenting
  • spiritual formation

Available for teaching and speaking:

  • Mentoring guidance
  • True Love Waits weekends (youth)
  • DiscipleNow weekends (youth)
  • Women’s banquets, seminars, classes (all ages)
  • Missions seminars (churchwide)
  • Small group Bible study (all ages)
  • Listen to the Generations Dialogue (with Chris Adams, Emily Cole, Pam Gibbs, and me)



  • BA in Religion, minor in Greek from Eastern New Mexico University, May 2002 (
  • Seminary courses at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (
  • Master’s in Family Life Education from the Oxford Graduate School (; thesis on child sexual abuse prevention

Professional Memberships:

Contact me:
ashleylinne@gmail.commansion in miamifloridarealestate comдля компьютера


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Good Morning Ashley,

    I am so excited that I found your blog! My church is in the process of starting a mentoring outreach in our small rural community! I have taught business education and special needs students for 27 years and was forced to retire because of the cost of my insurance. I was devastated because I love teaching! I cried and cried and then one Sunday our pastor preached a sermon about helping others and for some reason God told me to go to her and lets figure something out. We cried together and prayed together and decided to reach out to the community because I knew how to teach job skills, etc. and we have some members who are talented in many areas so we came up with this idea of an adult mentoring outreach. We had a meeting last night to plan and had 7 people there! We came up with a name and mission statement and with prayer hopefully we will get the word out and help those in need. So if you have any suggestions please email me. Once again, thank you for having this blog.


    Janice Ross
    Citronelle United Methodist Church
    Citronelle, AL 36522


    1. Janice, I was so happy to see your comment!! Wow, God is going to do some amazing things in your midst–hang on tight for the ride!!! I have several posts with ideas about mentoring; you should be able to find them in the category drop-down menu under “mentoring.” The best advice I can give you is just to seek to know God’s plans, see how He is working around you and what the needs are, and follow the Spirit’s lead in all things. Let HIM be the wind in your sails!
      I’m working on some other mentoring-related things for the future and will blog about them here once they’re ready to go. Please keep me posted on how things are going with your work in your church and community–it is so helpful to know what is going on out there!


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