Inseparable Journey: Corpse Alive

"We need to leave the things that wrapped us when we were dead where they belong--in the grave. We are in Christ now, and instead of grave clothes, we are tangled up in His grace, mercy, and redemption. We are alive." -Inseparable, p. 45   I can't believe we're already a third of the way … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Corpse Alive


Inseparable Journey: Made Right

"Jesus gave everything of Himself so I could have everything of Him. Not just a 'get out of hell free' card, but a destiny, an identity, a purpose, a brotherhood... a life." -Inseparable, p. 18   This week we've been reading Chapter 2: Made Right. When I was writing the book, I felt like it was … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Made Right

Inseparable Journey: In Christ

I love the kinship that's being built in our Inseparable Journey Facebook group. I pray that God will also give us relationships "in real life" that will encourage, sharpen, and build us as a result of these 13 weeks we're all spending together. Facebook and blog posts are amazing, but they can't replace those face-to-face, … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: In Christ

Inseparable Journey: Romans

To all my fellow Inseparable Journeyers, I hope you had an incredible time interacting with God through the book of Romans this past week! I'm looking forward to hearing how God spoke to you through His Word. Did you talk to your “one person” about joining you in your Inseparable journey? How did it go? How did … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Romans

the Inseparable Journey begins

I hope you were able to join us for the live kickoff webcast! It is available for viewing here: Among other things, I walked you through how to use Inseparable, the way each chapter flows, and explained the “fluid study elements” that are featured throughout the book. Reading, studying, and living out Scripture is … Continue reading the Inseparable Journey begins

The Inseparable Journey: Registration now open!

I'm opening up registration for The Inseparable Journey! I hope you'll pray about joining me for this FREE 13-week online discipleship study through my book. We will kick off Sunday, January 4, 2015. (If you don't have Facebook, be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates!) There was a time in my life that … Continue reading The Inseparable Journey: Registration now open!

around the web!

God has provided me several opportunities recently to share about His work in my life and about my book! In case you missed my appearance on the FaithGateway LIVE author webchat, you can watch it here. My fellow InScribed authors, Sarah Francis Martin and Amanda Hope Haley, joined us and we all were incredibly vulnerable … Continue reading around the web!