Declare Conference 2015: Surprises and Other Things I Didn’t Know

I didn't know what to expect with my first Declare Conference. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was supposed to be there. That I was supposed to speak. That I was going to have divine appointments. These things I knew. What I didn't know was that I would finally experience the … Continue reading Declare Conference 2015: Surprises and Other Things I Didn’t Know


Inseparable Journey: Royalty Crowned

“In Christ, we've been sealed with the Holy Spirit and adopted as children into God's family.” Inseparable, p. 179 Can you believe we're here?! The end of our Inseparable Journey. I have to admit I'm a little misty-eyed. The stories you have shared with me about how God is working in your lives have been … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Royalty Crowned

Inseparable Journey: Sister

“We all need community. Not a place to go on Sundays, but true community with other followers of Christ.” Inseparable, p. 106 Finding a church can be extremely difficult. My husband and I have had a couple major relocations in the past two years, and because of that we've had to join new churches twice in the past … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Sister

The Inseparable Journey: Registration now open!

I'm opening up registration for The Inseparable Journey! I hope you'll pray about joining me for this FREE 13-week online discipleship study through my book. We will kick off Sunday, January 4, 2015. (If you don't have Facebook, be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates!) There was a time in my life that … Continue reading The Inseparable Journey: Registration now open!

around the web!

God has provided me several opportunities recently to share about His work in my life and about my book! In case you missed my appearance on the FaithGateway LIVE author webchat, you can watch it here. My fellow InScribed authors, Sarah Francis Martin and Amanda Hope Haley, joined us and we all were incredibly vulnerable … Continue reading around the web!

Jesus might wreck your life

How many of us have prayed a prayer to ask Jesus into our hearts because we wanted to avoid hell... or we wanted to have a better life... or we wanted to not be lonely anymore? I think these are valid, good reasons for wanting to follow Jesus. But they can't be our only reasons. … Continue reading Jesus might wreck your life

So… I wrote a book

I'm not really sure why someone like me got to write a book. Because I'll be honest: I often feel like I'm a total mess. I think many of us would like to read books written by experts who have their lives together and can offer a lot of answers. And, well... that just doesn't … Continue reading So… I wrote a book

InScribed is here!!!

Tangible evidence of years of praying, listening, dreaming, studying, writing, thinking, crying, seeking, and working are in my hands. If you know me, you know I love the Bible. I had the honor of working for a short time as an editor with an amazing team at Thomas Nelson, and during that time we prayed … Continue reading InScribed is here!!!

InScribed, Inseparable, and a sob story

Last night I fell apart. I spent about 40 minutes doing the ugly cry, on the verge of what felt like a nervous break down. My sweet 11-month-old son tried every trick in his book to get me to laugh, finally settling for wiping at my tears and giving me kisses. My husband said soothing … Continue reading InScribed, Inseparable, and a sob story