Preach the Story reviews!

I've had the immense pleasure and honor of being a part of Leonard Sweet's Story Squad, and contributing to the Open Table at I'll try to keep this post updated with links for you as my reviews go live each month. Any suggestions for films you'd like to see me review? Leave me a … Continue reading Preach the Story reviews!


Declare Conference 2015: Surprises and Other Things I Didn’t Know

I didn't know what to expect with my first Declare Conference. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was supposed to be there. That I was supposed to speak. That I was going to have divine appointments. These things I knew. What I didn't know was that I would finally experience the … Continue reading Declare Conference 2015: Surprises and Other Things I Didn’t Know

around the web!

God has provided me several opportunities recently to share about His work in my life and about my book! In case you missed my appearance on the FaithGateway LIVE author webchat, you can watch it here. My fellow InScribed authors, Sarah Francis Martin and Amanda Hope Haley, joined us and we all were incredibly vulnerable … Continue reading around the web!

So… I wrote a book

I'm not really sure why someone like me got to write a book. Because I'll be honest: I often feel like I'm a total mess. I think many of us would like to read books written by experts who have their lives together and can offer a lot of answers. And, well... that just doesn't … Continue reading So… I wrote a book

InScribed is here!!!

Tangible evidence of years of praying, listening, dreaming, studying, writing, thinking, crying, seeking, and working are in my hands. If you know me, you know I love the Bible. I had the honor of working for a short time as an editor with an amazing team at Thomas Nelson, and during that time we prayed … Continue reading InScribed is here!!!

small but trusting (#TheStoneCollective, post 1)

  ┬áThe Stone Collective is a community making much of Jesus as we create art, photography, prose, poems, or music that commemorate the wonderful things God does in our lives. Based on the passage in 1 Samuel 7:12-14, each month we will collect Ebenezer Stones as a regular practice in the art of worship via … Continue reading small but trusting (#TheStoneCollective, post 1)

I want my crayons back

So lately I have had this indescribable desire to be creative. I am a creative person (all people are in some way or another) but there are certain things I am not so great at, like painting. But even in college I would get a coloring book and crayons now and then, especially around finals! … Continue reading I want my crayons back