Inseparable Journey: Saint

"Not only are we indescribably loved; we're set free to live as though we know it is true." Inseparable, p. 76 I have loved the past several weeks we've spent in Part One: New Creation. As we enter into Part Two: As We Go, we turn our focus from our initial salvation to the life … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Saint


Jesus might wreck your life

How many of us have prayed a prayer to ask Jesus into our hearts because we wanted to avoid hell... or we wanted to have a better life... or we wanted to not be lonely anymore? I think these are valid, good reasons for wanting to follow Jesus. But they can't be our only reasons. … Continue reading Jesus might wreck your life

InScribed, Inseparable, and a sob story

Last night I fell apart. I spent about 40 minutes doing the ugly cry, on the verge of what felt like a nervous break down. My sweet 11-month-old son tried every trick in his book to get me to laugh, finally settling for wiping at my tears and giving me kisses. My husband said soothing … Continue reading InScribed, Inseparable, and a sob story