Inseparable Journey: Saint

"Not only are we indescribably loved; we're set free to live as though we know it is true." Inseparable, p. 76 I have loved the past several weeks we've spent in Part One: New Creation. As we enter into Part Two: As We Go, we turn our focus from our initial salvation to the life … Continue reading Inseparable Journey: Saint


a little busy

Hi friends. I've been a little neglectful of this blog as of late. God placed a project on my heart and some friends and I are getting it off the ground. Check it out here: Keep Him or Dump Him?продвижение сайтов новосибирскbest uk binary brokerчехол Ferrari


I'm going to be posting over at Read the Bible more often for now. Check out our journey there! 🙂 I will still be posting here, too, of course. Just not as often... or maybe more often, who knows.виртуальные номера для смскрышки для сковородокуслуги сео